Look where we are in less than a dayMature

I couldn't help but laugh inside at the current situation.  After meeting the Russian just last night, she has already threatened to kill me.  I don't make threats I thought to myself.

I certainly didn't threaten the terrorists that had killed my family.  I had just returned from my tour in Iraq.  It was a long flight, so I went to the restroom.  As I returned, I saw a man grab my wife and daughter.  I started to rush towards them, but then the bomb strapped to his chest went off.

I woke up in the hospital with a SPIES representative standing over me.  He said that they knew where the people who had killed my family were.  That was my first mission.  It was so much simpler back then; alone, just my rifle and I with a target to kill.  Now I'm on a team with a rookie and a Russian, of all people.  If they hadn't made so many AK's in the Cold War, we wouldn't have much of a war now.

I turned to Shade and whispered, "I'm not sure yet whether Cypher will return from this mission.  It's entirely possible my first shot might miss our target."

He whispered back, "I don't like her either, but that was kind of your fault back there.  Give her a chance; I think she's giving you one.  Besides, she's supposed to be our ally, and those are hard enough to come by."


The End

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