Aleksandra Markovich (Cypher)

"Could we create some kind of diversion?" Shade asked. Glaring, I looked to my other teammate. 

"What kind of a diversion?" Before he could reply I grinned, an idea coming to life withing my head. I looked to the crowd of people, trying to find a suitable patsy. If that dim whited american had just kept his cool and taken a couple of punches we'd be on our flight out of here. Ah, perfect. 

A young woman, probably foreign, walked by. Her blue eyes twinkled, matching her flowing golden silk hair. Glancing back to Shade, I gave him a sly smile. 

"That girl, go up to her and make a scene. I don't care what you do just hold securities attention long enough for me to break Wraith out. From there we'll rendezvous at the plane. If you don't make it you're off the mission, I don't give American's second chances. Understand?" Shade eyed me warily but nodded heading for the woman. A few moments later I could hear mixed shouts from Shade and the women for a young child. More american morality, pathetic! I growled under my breath and slunk towards the now abandoned security room.Trying the door's handle it clicked resolutely. Locked, I shrugged and jammed my shoulder against the door. In a sudden rush of air, it swung inside, I offered a perturbed smile to Wraith. His eyes went wide then shifted to a sly grin. 

"You didn't have to save me, I was just about to break out." Wraith stood and began to shove past me. I slammed my arm against his chest pinning him to the door despite his height. My eyes glared sharply as his coffee brown brown eyes narrowed. 

"If you EVER fuck my operations over...I'll be sure that your strung up by your intestines, your balls hacked off, and whatever's left of you is fed to wolves. DO. WE. UNDERSTAND. EACH. OTHER?!" I snarled, his lips twitched.

"Yes," Wraith growled back and shoved past me. The attendant had just announced final boarding call. 


"We ask that you fasten your seat-belts  and enjoy the ride. Thanks for choosing American Airlines." The intercom clicked off and the plane began to rocket down the runway, it's fuselage trembling with the G forces pressing on it. I relaxed back in my seat, being comfortable with aircraft was just part of the job. The aircraft nosed up and lifted off the ground. Another 5 minutes later the plane leveled out and soared towards my destination.  

The large 747 rose steadily through the clouds, a titan of the skies. Wraith had spent the first twenty minutes of the flight silent, I had a feeling he wasn't too fond of me. Shade gave me a quizical glance. 

"I'm not kind to those who mess up, take his mistake as a warning." My voice was icy as the Siberian tundra.

"Good day Ladies and Gentleman," the pilot drawled over the intercom. He sounded  like a brit. My stomach rumbled lightly as flight attendants made their rounds. Eventually they reached me, after attending to Wraith and Shade, they turned to me. 

"Would you like anything to eat or drink Ma'am?" a blonde attendant asked. gave her a quaint smile. 

"Yes miss, just an ice water." She nodded and retrieved a pitcher, filling a glass with ice water. She handed me the glass and turned, heading back to the rear of the plane. I took a few gulps of the drink before turning my attention back to the other agents. They were both whispering amongst themselves, what are you two up to?

The End

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