Jesse - ComplicationsMature

Jesse Austin - Shade

Well, this is fun.

Am I the only one who thinks there ought to be some kind of procedure for when this kind of thing happens? Something we can show the authorities to say 'we're secret service, let us off please', like they do in the movies.

But if there's something I've learnt about S.P.I.E.S, it's that the movies have nothing to do with it. They've got it wrong. Way wrong.

'So, now what do we do?' I ask Cypher. I've never been in a position like this before. It's kind of tricky.

She seems at almost as much of a loss as I am. She spent the last half hour yelling at the security, to absolutely no avail. One of my first thoughts was bribe, that usually works. But these guys seem to be incorruptible. Plus we don't really have all that much cash to spare.

Or we could break Wraith out of there. It would be a piece of cake. It's not exactly Fort Knox.

That's my favourite option.

'Could we create some kind of diversion?' I ask.

Cypher looks at me sideways. 'What kind of a diversion?'


The End

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