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Jesse Austin - Shade

So. A new team, huh? About time too. I've been on tenterhooks for a while, ever since that idiot Andy got sent off. Thought I'd be the next one to get the red light.

Evidently not.

As I arrive at Jimmy's Bar, something reminds me of my uncle Hank. He used to hang around places like this. He was a boxing champion in his day. Taught me most of what I know now. I've got him to thank for my memories of Afghanistan. It was his idea. Not mine.

A waitress directs me over to two people standing by the bar. A tall, muscular man who looks like he'd be more at home in a boxing ring. And a girl with short black hair and slightly tanned skin. I duck my head at them and lean casually on the bar. She's sipping a vodka. Her eyes are observant. She's looking me up and down, I can tell. It feels like she's got X-ray vision or something. Her clothes bulge slightly where she's got hidden weapons. They're well camoflaged, but I've been trained to tell when someone's hiding a gun.

'So,' she says. She's got a Russian accent or something. Ukranian. Maybe. Those two are easy to mix up. My commanding officer was Ukranian. He used to yell at anyone who confused him with a Russian guy. Until he got shot, that is. He didn't do much yelling then.

'I'm team leader. Cypher.'

I nod. I'm used to SPIES' way of doing things. No names. We use codenames instead - I'm Shade. It suits me.

'Wraith,' growls the other guy.

'Shade,' I supply with a twist of the mouth that could be mistaken for a smile. 'So. What's the brief?'

She smirks slightly. 'I'm just getting to that.'

The End

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