Constance: Strange Girl

Well all I knew about this girl was that she talked funny, she had ears and a tail, and her name was Scarlet. Luckily Ken and Margret made it so that I didn't have to sleep with her. I thought about my mission and wondered if Scarlet was a spy as well. But then I just stopped thinking about it. As the day went by Ken began teaching my somethings about playing the guitar that I hadn't known about before. I was begining to really like it here. I still missed my old life terribly but maybe I could see them again once my mission was done.

I came downstairs for breakfast the day after Scarlet had been shipped to the house and found her down there as well eating a bowl of cereal. I checked my TC watch and I was dying to call my friends and talk about our music or even boys! Which surprised me because I had never had a crush on any boy in my life. I didn't even intend on going on a date. My friends loved to bug me about it so I ignored them. I smiled at Scarlet and got myself a bowl of cereal for myself as well.

The End

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