Constace: Shipping People?

Margret (my new mom) called Ken and me to come into the front room. We were still holding our guitars as we entered. In front of Margret there was a box and it had my name on it. I couldn't pick it up it was so heavy so I set my guitar down, wondering what was in the box. Once I had opened it I gasped. Inside there was a girl who was definitly younger that her. She looked up at us and sat up. She had squirrel ears on her head! What was up with that?

"Hello little one." Margret said calmly "What's your name?"

"Scarlet." She said simply. I smiled nervously at her.

"I'm E-Constance." I said. It was going to take me a while to get used to my new name. I helped her out then Margret asked what she was doing in a box.

The End

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