Spies Aren't Always Who You Expect

In the futuristc world kids from all over the world are chosen by a secret society and learn how to be spies. No one knows who they are only that the kids vanish.

This is a roleplay where you are a spy. You're not sure who the other kids are you train with. Then when you're suddenly sent back home after a year you stay incontact with the kids. You can't let anyone know who you are. You have a completly new identity and live with a new family. Your job: To find a way to over throw the government of  Kanisa (that was once the USA).

About Kanisa: After a big war happened years ago a group of people found a way to over throw the USA and take it as their own. Now they've been making huge taxes and tortures anyone who defies them.

Please name your chapters with your characters name : title

Ex: Josh: Cats

And no mature content or offensive language. Thanks!

The End

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