Bytes - Glorious DataMature

Meanwhile,  just before the plane had landed

While the others had sat around on the plane, having a mini debrief on each of their parts of the mission, Bytes was seated nearby, Laptop in hand, so intent on her computer that she was oblivious to all around her. On the screen various windows popped up, some of which she scanned quickly then closed while others she kept open for longer scanning, looking for anything that might be useful to the mission. Some of the files brought grins to her face as she noticed the encryption of the files. They would be the ones with the most valuable information, but you could not forget to check those with lesser encryption for information. 

As Bytes began cracking the encryption on one such file, Wraith took a seat beside her. "Found anything of interest yet?" he asked, curious.

"Not yet. Some of the files are unencrypted and are easy to access, but so far they have turned up little relevant to our mission. The other techies back at base can shift through some of that, I'm sure SPIES will find a use for it. I'm more interested in the encrypted files. There is some serious protection around some of those, whoever they've got working for them is good," Bytes stated, her eyes still on the screen. 

"Can you crack them?" Wraith asked.

"They're good, but they're not as good as me," Bytes said with a grin. "It's a shame we didn't have more time back there, I'm sure I could have lifted everything they had. But I'm pretty sure somewhere in all this we'll find the data we need."

"Good, keep working on it. Look for anything about where they might have moved the warheads and why, and anything else they might have been working on at the base we just blew, as well as any clues for where we should go next. Give me a shout if you find anything," Wraith said, moving to go join the others.

"Yeah yeah. Let me do my thing in peace oh fearless leader," Bytes teased. 

Wraith shook his head, heading away to join the others leaving Bytes to her computer. Her fingers flashing across the keys, she turned her attention in earnest to the first of the encrypted files, excited more by the prospect of beating another Computer guru's work than by what the files might contain. It was all data in the end, glorious data, and over the world of data she was queen. 

Suddenly Bytes was in the encrypted file and a piece of data caught her eye. She gestured Wraith over. "I think I have an idea where we can hit next," Bytes said, pointing out a satellite image of what appeared to be a base very much like the one we had just infiltrated. Now we just needed to get someone with a knowledge in geography to tell us where it was. 

"Good job. Now pack up Bytes, we're landing," Wraith had ordered.

They had landed, and Bytes had tried not to grin on seeing Night greet Matthew. He always seemed to be around whenever they came in from a mission, even if it wasn't exactly accepted protocol. 

After the brief greetings they had been ushered into base, into the arms of the waiting medics to ensure they were still fit and able if they were to be flying out again tomorrow. It was standard beaviour and yet always annoyed Bytes. She'd much rather be going through the data on her computer, before the other base techies got their hands on it, than being poked and prodded and examined for cuts and bruises.

The End

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