Night: MatthewMature

The moment we step off the plane an onto the ground I take off running. I jump at Matthew hugging him and dropping my duffel bag next to us as we hug. I wrap my arms round his neck and my feet are lifted of the ground.

"I've missed you" I whisper quietly to him.

"I've missed you too" He tells me tightening his arms round my body.

"Night, back please" Wraith calls. I sigh heavily and let go off Matthew. I smile at him before grabbing my bag off the ground and running away back to the group.

"Well, well, Night. You and Matthew still friends I swear you are more by now" Phantom teases as I walk next to her. My breath catches in my throat and luckily I don't have to answer.

"Night wouldn't break regulations" Plague jumped in. "Would you?" Both of them looked at me and I shrug.

"Of course I wouldn't" As I speak I see Wraith in front shake his head before looking back at me. I narrow my eyes at him daring him to speak knowing that he wouldn't dare. I'm a top member on this team and there would be a heavy loss if I got thrown out.

"Stop gossiping" Wraith just snapped then began marching off ahead. I felt my body release a mental sigh relaxing and my fingers untensing from the handle of my dagger.

"Hey, what shall we do to celebrate? I'd say that was one successful mission" Shade adds.

"We don't have time we flyout tommorow night" Wraith called back. I frown looking at the floor. I was hoping to spend time with Matthew. "Oh and Matthew's assiting on this one we need his geographical skills"

The End

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