I stared at the door of the building as my heart pounded faster and faster.

"Come on, come on, come on," I whispered, getting in position for the start of the detonation. After a few seconds, I had lost patience in that and pulled out the lighter I used for old-fashioned sticks of dynamite. I flicked it on and off, entertained by the flame, staring into it. On. Off. On. Off.

I blinked, rubbing my eyes and moving a strand of hair away from my face as a somewhat-rushed voice came from my radio.

"Thirty seconds."

A small smile crossed my face as I regained position, ready to set off that bomb in a split-second.

"Twenty seconds."

"Come on, come on!" I hissed.

"Ten seconds."

Suddenly, each member of my team came running out of the doorway, desperately dashing away from the building.

"Detonation." I told them through my radio. "Five seconds." I closed my eyes and counted down slowly. Five...

"What are you doing out here all alone?" A familiar voice rang through my mind.


"Er...waiting for my mother." I remember responding, avoiding eye contact with the strange man who approached me on the street that day.


"I don't think so, Aver. We've been studying your ways for a while, and--"


"Perhaps we should put it this way. We're a specialized government agency..."


"And we need you to come with us." The man reached for my arm, determined to take me away.

"NO!" I had screamed, trying to back away. "You've talked to my parents, haven't you? I'm NOT GOING BACK!"

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?" An angry voice interrupted my reminiscing along with a quick jab on my shoulder. "YOU ALMOST BLEW US TO--TO OBLIVION!"

"Geez," I sighed, rolling my eyes. "Calm down. You're still here, aren't you?"

The End

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