Shady BehaviourMature

Urgh. I always get butterflies on a job like this.

We crouch behind the crates, pistols at the ready. If something goes wrong, we're the only backup the team's got. They need to get in and out, give us the signal, and then - boom! - we go, leaving nothing behind us but a tragic and horrific accident where a whole complex of buildings is erased from the face of the earth.

It's just another day's work. To us.

I'm getting cramp in my thighs. This always happens. Just give it a moment, Jesse, and everything's fine.

My earpiece picks up a signal - Phantom and Bytes are in. Now they get the stuff, get out, we get the five minute signal, and there we go. I don't bother relaying this to Plague - she's got her own radio.

'What's that noise?' Plauge turns to me, her eyes widened.

I swear. 'That's the alarm. They've gone and been seen, haven't they? I thought Wraith and Night were on that job!'

I hear Phantom's voice through my radio: 'Request operation abort'. Jesus - is it really that bad?

'Operation abort request denied,' comes Wraith's reply. 'Continue as planned - Wraith and Night will hold them off. Repeat: continue as planned. Phantom, Bytes - you have five minutes, repeat, five minutes. Shade, get in here and back us up. Plague, continue as planned. You'll have to go it alone, this time. Out.'

Urgh. Seems my butterflies were founded on truth this time.

'Okay, Plague, you heard Wraith. I'll see you in five minutes. Don't go burning yourself while I'm away!'

Plague scowls at me, and I laugh. Oh, happy days. Run to the door, pistol at the ready. Now I've got to find the others and get out. Before this thing's blown to kingdom come.

Yep, it's just another day's work.

The End

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