"KAYLEN!!!" My mother screamed shoving me beneath the sofa before turning to the incoming bullets thinking she could get her own shot.... but she turned to late having had to force me to hide. Nearly every bullet hit her and she fell the the floor slightly on top of dad already dead.

That was when they came. The moment S.P.I.E.S arrived was the moment both my parents were dead. I watched as they took the gun men down no hesitation.  Then they saw me hidden beneath the sofa. A man began to approach.

"Hello, little girl" He said walking up to me. I screamed and kept screaming. Everyone looked at the man. "Bring in, Matthew"


"NIGHT!" I broke from my memory by Wraith voice. I ducked avoiding the onslaught of gun fire and pulled out my pistol. I turned to face the men kneeling, firing three shots hitting each target precisely.

"Sorry" I say simply. I reload my pistol before putting it back in its holster. Wraith  walked over offering a hand. "See you've already had your score" I nod at the pile of five men.... in very discusting situations.

"Yeah, come on. We have three more minutes and I still need to get something" He says turning and striding down the corridor. I follow easily.

"But I thought you sent Bytes for that?" I say.

"No, I'm looking for something the others can't know about. I'm trusting you to keep your mouth shut" Wraith says shooting a look at me. He knew I would because he knew about Matthew.

It was against regulations to be intimate with other opperatives. If Wraith reported it I'd be off the team and back in training camp for another 4 years befor getting a chance to get back on. "You know I will" I mumble.

The End

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