The missionMature

The team nodded as Wraith dropped down the cliff then seemed to disappear into the dark surrounding them, heading down the cliff silently, ever on the alert for guards patrolling that they might need to take out. They had reached the agreed upon position and waited silently for the signal from Wraith that it was clear to advance further. Before long the signal came through their earpieces and they approached the door to the building. 

Bytes glanced at the door and its finger print scanner and computer dashboard with glee while beside her Night let out a very quiet sigh, possibly disappointed that there was no lock to pick and moved with Phantom to stand beside the door, ready to take out any guards who should be waiting inside. The others had hands on weapons, ready for anything that might approach as Bytes pulled out her PDA and a computer cable and set about hacking their way into the building.

"How long will this take?" whispered Plague as Bytes bit her lip. 

"Relax Plague. We'll get you something to blow up soon," Bytes shot back, her attention all on the screen of her PDA as she began installing a program of her own making into the system of the computer before them. "If they didn't have a closed network I'd have been able to do this remotely. Now be quiet and let me get past their firewalls."

Bytes frowned for a second as she surveyed the screen before her, before punching a few numbers into the console by the door of the building. Seconds ticked by before suddenly she grinned, entered a few more numbers and grinned wider as the fingerprint scanner went dark and the doors slid open. 

Wraith rejoined them as they surveyed the corridor, ready to split off and carry out their own little missions.

"Good," he whispered, noting the open door. "Now we split up. Night your with me. We have operation wipe out. We are to find and take out everyone within this building. Phantom you get Bytes to their tech room for operation search. Feel free to download as much data as you can Bytes once done, but once we've commandeered the cargo you'll only have 5 minutes to leave, so no waiting to the last minute like last time. Just pull whatever plugs you use and walk away"

Bytes nodded a frown flitting across her face at the reminder. Wraith turned to Plague. "Shade is with you on operation Destroy. Once we have the cargo your job is to ensure the place goes sky high within 5 minutes. Now, lets all move out."

We all nodded, and watched as Wraith and Night slipped through the door, the others filing in after them. Bytes couldn't help but grin. Getting in had been the easy part. Now the fun began.

The End

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