The Special Purpose Intelligence and Espionage Service will undertake dangerous missions to protect the free world.

Wraith surveyed the structures built into the side of the mountains.  There were three guards patrolling the roof.  They carried AK-47 assault rifles, and appeared not to have body armor.  Good, he thought, that will make them even easier to kill.

Turning to face his team, he said, "We are going to move down this path towards that building.  The warheads should be in there.  I will take out the guards patrolling the roof.  I would like an entrance by the time I regroup with you."

Wraith then dropped prone on the cliff and shouldered his sniper rifle.  He aimed at the guard nearest the far edge.  At the range he was firing from, he opted for a chest shot, instead of a head shot.  After adjusting the shot to account for the wind, he fired.  The guard stumbled backwards and fell from the roof.

Quickly cycling another round into the chamber, he move the cross-hairs to the next target, and repeated the process for the last guard.

"Targets eliminated, Omega Team, clear to move up."

He rose and started walking after his team.

The End

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