Tom: Parseltongue

I turned around and scruntinized my visitor. Her hair was fake blonde and you could tell it was naturally red. She had grey eyes and wore a Ravenclaw badge pinned on her black coat. Her eyes locked with mine and with a gasp I remembered.


What was she doing here? How did she get in here anyways? Questions skipped into my mind. With much trouble I finnaly opened my mouth to speak.

"Melissa, WHY are you HERE?" The words came out perfect, but a look of confusion fell onto her face.

"Why are you here and what are you doing?" She spoke my questions as if she could read my mind. Maybe she could...

"Answer my question then I will tell you mine." I demanded.

"What question-" The same look crossed her face "You mean that hiss was a question?"

I had spoken in my parseltongue. I was so used to speaking to the snake I had asked a witch in the hissing language.

"Why are you here?"

The End

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