Zoe was right there was a strange hissing like sound, it echoed around us and the dark rain clouds gave the bathroom an eerie feel. Aubrey walked ahead with Zoe; I held back and went over by the toilet doors

“The hissing sound louder round here.” Aubrey said specking my thoughts, running a hand through his hair looking puzzled.

“Does it feel colder?” Zoe asked rubbing her hands together.

I sighed. “Nothing here, the noise could be coming from one of the classrooms and most bathrooms are cold.” I crossed my arms.

“But something not right Damon, why can’t you see that?” Zoe stood in front of me.

“She’s right Damon.” Aubrey moved near Zoe looking out the window.

I put my hands up. “Hey look what do you want me to do?” I moved away to the far corner of the bathroom where it opened up, looking down I noticed water on the floor again and then I saw something that shouldn’t be here.

“You two might want to look at this.” I called. “But watch for the water.” Zoe and Aubrey walked to where I was standing.

“The sinks are here.” Zoe whispered.

“Not anymore.” Aubrey replied. “And that creepy hissing noise seems to be coming from down there.” He pointed to the dark black hole that replaced where the sinks used to stand.

“Now what?” I asked before anyone replied and loud bang made us jump. Of course this wasn’t a good thing due to the events that followed.

I lost my footing, instantly I reached out grabbing Zoe, who in turn grabbed Aubrey and together we tumbled into darkness.    

When we did eventually stop and once we untangled ourselves we looked around our surroundings.

“Well the broacher didn’t mention this.” I said giving them a cocky smile.

“This is no time for jokes Damon.” Zoe replied. “My head hurts.”  She wasn’t the only one I thought my head ache from before had increased.

“How do get out of here?” Aubrey said looking up the tunnel where we came out from.

“Well since we’re here…” The others looked at me. “We might as well take a look round here and might find a way out.”

“He has got a point I guess.” Aubrey shrugged and stared to dust off his jumper. “What do you think Zoe?”

“There must be another passage out here somewhere.” She sighed closing her eyes.

“I take that as a yes.”


The End

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