I couldn’t remember much from last night, all that I know was that my right hand was tingling and that wasn’t a good sign. Lila had come into my room this morning I picked up on her worried feelings as I stroked her. The clock on my wall indicated that I was going to be late for breakfast, but I was in no mood for food and I had a killer head ache coming.

Something still felt strange about the school, whether it was the fact that dementors had come into the school and me finding that water last night had any connection I didn’t know.  I saw Aubrey and Zoe walking close together, Zoe kind of pale, Aubrey caught my eye and came over.

“Hey Damon how are you?”

“I’m fine thanks…how about you two?” I asked.

He looked at Zoe then back to me. “We’re getting there.”

“Damon. Aubrey said that you found some water last night by one of the common rooms?” Zoe said.

“Erm yeah…I couldn’t say which one it was.” Her face dropped slightly. “But I do remember the way.”

“You do?” I nodded. Everyone was coming out of the great hall now going to class and I moved my head slightly and all three of us walked towards my Charms classroom. However I took them to the side staircase and we climbed up the stairs, when we got to the top a cool breeze wrapped around us and strange smell lingered in the air.

“This is Ravenclaw common room.” Zoe suddenly said as we walked along the same corridor that had the water on it yesterday.

“Your right Zoe.” Aubrey replied. “Think the bathrooms are along here somewhere.”

“Hope miss high and mighty not patrolling the corridor again.” I muttered. Eventually we came across the bathrooms. “Isn’t this the girl’s bathroom?”

The cool breeze wrapped around us again. “Is it me or does anyone else think this is strange?” Aubrey whispered.  

The End

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