Tom: The Chamber of Secrets

Kaitlynn fell back on her bed, and my posture relaxed. We were alone at last.

"Katy, I'm so so sorry."

"But, it's not your fault. You said so."


She pulled me in and kissed me on the lips, sharing her warmth.

"Now, go to the hall and get some breakfast, I already ate. Then go tell Madame Pompfrey I want to get out of this mad house, they call a hospital wing. Can you do that for me, Tommy?"


I walked out leaving Kaitlynn alone in the white room.


I looked down and there sat Melissa Mandrake, her books splattered all around her.

"Oh, sorry Melissa, I have to go do something."

"Sure, sure, leave me left to pick up the mess that YOU made."

I gave her a mocking smile and ran toward the girl's bathroom. I opened the door, getting stares from the people snogging.

The End

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