Kaitlynn: Safe

I collapsed onto the floor, Zoe right next to me. The cold was closing in. All my hope was sucked out of my heart. A dementor glided toward me, and lowered his hood to kiss me.


"Kaitlynn...Kaitlynn.... Wake up are you okay?"

I opened my eyes to the whiteness of the Hospitalm Wing. Madam Pomprey stood over me, a glass of water in her hand.

"My Kaitlynn, you've been in the hospital wing two times in the week."

"What happened?" I muttered mostly to myself in a hoarse voice.

"The first night or the second night?"


"You were bitten by a basilisk Kaitlynn, you're lucky your even alive. Then, dementors."

"How did they get in the castle, Madam Pompfrey?"

"I don't know,b ut if my suspisions are true, The Chamber has been opened."

"What Chamber?"

"The Chamber of Secrets my dear, surely you being such an extrodinaryy witch would have read A History of Magic?"

"You mean the chamber's making this- happen?"

"Only the basilisk, darling, I have no idea what about the dementors."

"The walls of the castle should've thrown them off, right?"



"A wizard has let them, that's the only explaination. But why?"

The End

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