Aubrey: Zebra

"Kaitlynn...Kait-" I gasped, the cold air painfully catching in my throat. The dementors were closing in, sensing our fear, longing for our souls. "Y-You've gotta get out of here. Go Kaitlynn...GO!"

"What about you?" she protested, shivering. I was in no mood to argue. Using what felt like the last of my strength, I flopped our fainted friend into Kaitlynn's arms. Zoe helped her take him to safety. Out of the corner of my eye I saw them collapse and then heard hysteric cries of anger.

"Damon, get out of here!" Kaitlynn cried. Damon? The new boy? There was no time for silly thoughts. The dementors putrid mouth was visible beneath the shadow of its hood. Its lips, grey and pursed, ready to kiss. Memories flashed in my head, powerful memories. Dementors had before brought me close to death, almost kissed me clean. But I escaped.

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" I roared, wand pointing at the dementor, pointed to kill. My wand erupted with a mighty white did another. My Zebra broke free from my wand and gallopped toward my attacker. I tried concentrating all my energy and aura, but my heart was too concerned for Zoe and Kaitlynn. Were they safe? Damon's Patronus rocketted towards the dementor, its horns and fangs slashing at the horrid creature. His Dragon blasted the dementor with patronus fireballs and it dissapeared, along with all my worry. I was last.

The End

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