The hallways were dead which is surprising in a school like this. Something was going on and I didn’t like the feeling. I headed up a side staircase unsure where it led.

“Whoa.” I skidded and grabbed hold of the pillar. Looking down I saw that the floor was covered in something. I crouched down feeling the stone floor and wondered why there was water here.

“What do you think you’re doing here?” A voice drew my attention away from the water.

I stood up seeing a tall long hair girl looking pretty annoyed. “Sorry I’m new here.”

“Shouldn’t you be in class?” She said crossing her arms looking all high and mighty.

“Shouldn’t you?”

“I happen to be a prefect and we take it in turns patrolling the halls making sure that students like you are not wandering around when they should be in class.” She informed me touching to her prefect badge. Whoever she was clearly loved telling people what to do. “At listed your from Slytherin house, however you’re in one of the girls corridors and boys are not allowed in this part.”

“Ok I’m going.” I turned walking away. “Oh you might want to get someone to sort that water out.”

“What water?” She called back; this time I stopped looking back to the floor and seeing that the stone was bone dry. Huh? What was going on?

“Doesn’t matter.”

Classes carried on as usual and eventually my first day at Hogwarts was over with. Although nearly everyone was whispering, whatever the topic was it seemed to be serious and even the professors were talking in hush tones whenever I passed them. When I went into the column room students were chatting to their friends, practicing simple spells and doing homework. I knew that dinner was soon so I headed up to my signal room and grabbed a shower.

I was still amazed when I walked into the great hall, from what I could work out it resembled the sky outside and I half excepted to see Lila fly across the indoor clouds. It was a strange being on Slytherin table, I didn’t really feel welcome and mostly everyone spoke in hush tones, well part from the first years at the top end of the table. From what I could over hear mostly everyone was talking about the quidditch trail outs. Quidditch was boring flying around on a wooden stick, although flying around on your own dragon was awesome. It struck me how much I was missing my old school, my friends and the teachers. I felt soo alone here more then I wanted to admit to myself.

I was completely zoned out thinking about my old school that I didn’t notice that I was the only one left on Slytherin table. I sighed then saw a few students remained huddled together on one of the tables. It was girl with long black hair, the boy with short curly hair and of course my charms partner. As I walked by I overheard them talking and something catch my ears.

“…white mist think it was on the third corridor to.”

“But how did they get in?”

“Excuse me.” They all turned facing me surprised. “I couldn’t help but over hear you but…there was water along the corridor up the side stairs and when I looked at it again it had disappeared.” I didn’t know why I was telling them this but felt right in some ways.

“What was you doing up there?” The girl with black hair asked.

“Got lost, ya know new school and new people.” I shrugged. “Anyway just thought you should know.”  

“Hey Damon wait.”



The End

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