Aubrey: Terror

"Your team looks pretty strong, that's all we need" I joked with Zoe, as we both knew Hufflepuff had no chance of ever winning that Quidditch Cup. We were hardworking and determined band, but we lacked flare and charisma. From the changing rooms, we headed towards the great hall, Quidditch worked up a mighty appetite, as did being bored for about an hour.

"I hope were not too late for supper" Zoe sighed, picking up her pace. I however, stayed still and firm, trying to pick it up, hear it again. Zoe's questions and moans were replied with a sharp hush. The noise was heartbreaking and saddening. For that split second, it was like my soul breaking.

"Upstairs" I snapped suddenly, before turning hell and heading towards the stairs. Zoe followed, but my sudden outburst left her a staircase behind. I got on at the last second, leaving her stranded and me in the face of destiny.

"Oh god!" I gasped, my words harpooned in my throat from the cold and terror. The entire third floor, as far as I could see was covered in bone-chilling mist. I couldn't help but go forward, explore deeper. What was going on?

"Wait!" Zoe screamed, lunging at me. We collided and slid into the icy mist. I could barely talk, barely breathe. It was horrendous. "Aubrey, Aubrey!" Zoe pointed a finger to something in the mist. It was slumped next to her, a body of some sort. It's skin pale, its bones trying to pierce through its skin and its face a deathly gaunt.

"It's Jamie, Jamie from Quidditch!" Zoe cried, trying to awake, the slumped body. His eyes were wide open, but hazy and unfocused. He seemed, almost dead. From the corner of my eye, I caught a black shadow, a black wisp. I turned my head behind us, for further inspection. Nothing.

Zoe screamed, sending an army of shivers crusading up my spine. I darted my eyes towards her, the dying Jamie and the dementor responsible.  


The End

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