Tom: Tryouts

I decided to go watch Kaitlynn in the Slytherin Quidditch Tryouts. I didn't even know she was on the team! But the way she leaned on her cleansweep, way up from the rest of the players I felt like I had knew her for years. Her eyes sparkled with passion, and then I knew she loved Quittitch.

As the second years whizzed past with the Quaffle in one's hand. I saw a flicker of wings. A moment later Kaitlynn spun around and was chasing her heart out. She wasn't trying to show off to the Captain Jonny Montgomery, she wasn't even trying at all. She made the third year student look like an apple compared to a grapefruit.

"Go Kaitlynn go Kaitlynn!" The crowd cheered.

"And Kaitlyn Ebony is now the Slytherin Seeker for the fourth year in a row."

I stood up from my seat at the row closest to the exit and took the steps to the field. I saw a dash of red hair and Quittitch robes and followed that. She took me through the massive croud and into the Great Hall for Supper. She turned toward the Slytherin Table.

People clapped her on the back and congraduated her. She pushed the last person away and looked helpfully in my direction. I started toward her quickly and quietly.

"Oh thank you Tom! You totally saved my life."

I took a seat next to her. She hugged me and took my hand in hers. She laid her head on my shoulder.

"I'm so tired, Tommy." She dropped onto my lap at once. I freaked out and started screaming.

I couldn't hear her heart. I might never get to see her beautiful eye again.

The End

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