“Ugh Lila let me sleep.” I groaned feeling her nudge and lick me. Then she nipped me playfully like she does sometimes when nothing else will work. “Okay fine I’m up.” Rubbing my eyes I notice the room wasn’t very light, looking outside I saw that a few stars still twinkled in the sky. “What?” I stood up flexing my arms.

Lila growled lightly making me face her and noticing her pointing to my uniform then the window. “You’re joking right?” But I knew she wasn’t and pleading at me to say yes. I sighed knowing what a push over I am when it comes to Lila. “Okay fine.”

So after rolling my sleeves up and loosely doing my green and silver tie up I was standing on the window ceil. “Wait is anyone about?” Lila closed her eyes for a moment then jumped and flew outside. She reappeared smiling and winked once. “Good girl.” I leapt into the early morning sky and landed on Lila.

Just to be on the safe side I put a protection hidden clock spell over us as we adventured over the school grounds. The sun rose brightening the castle, but the dark forest remained a clouded forbidden places and someplace where I had to check out.

“Lila think you can drop me off somewhere?” She nodded looking back at me with sad eyes. “Hey come on girl just think of all the places you get to investigate.” She wined a little telling me that she would rather we both investigated those places together. I stroked her neck promising that I’ll see her soon. So Lila flew near the court yard outside the great hall where some students mulled around talking.

I smiled thinking. “Drop us off here, there look that’s it and thanks.” I slid off her back landed on a small roof, gambolled and landed on my feet between a group of stunned students. “Morning.” I said to them noticing the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff symbol.

“M-morning.” The girl reply’s running hand through her tiny black curls. The boy just looks at me wondering how I suddenly appeared. Taking out my lesson seclude I check out my first lesson pulling a face seeing what it is and turn my back walking to lesson.

Again the whispers start again down the corridor, but I’m too lost thinking about Lila been safe and walk straight into something soiled.

“Hey do you mind? What is it with first years?” The girl turns round ready to shout some more but instead sees me.

“I don’t mind and sorry us first years are terrible aren’t we?” I smirk.

“What are you doing here?”

“Erm walking into my Charms class.” Pointing to the class that was filling up.

“Please don’t say you’re in my class.” She crosses her arms sighing.

“Please don’t say you’re going to be my partner.” I replied walking into the class and of course only seeing two chairs next to each other by a desk. The Ravenclaw girl walks in noticing the same thing rolling her eyes.

“You can sit in my lesson Miss Mandrake and Mr Dragomin.” The professor informs us saying not taking his eyes off the chalk board. So we sit moving our chairs away from each other. I glance round the class noticing other Slytherin students, a girl with red hair copying from the board, the boy with black hair looking around the room also we caught each other eyes and nodded to each other.

I went back to copying the board and hoped for the lesson the finish.

The End

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