Aubrey: Drifting apart

Transfigurations was one of my favourite lessons, mainly because it was one of the select few subjects I was very gifted at. We Hufflepuffs were taught Transfigurations with the Gryffindors, I couldn't help but feel this wouldn't be the case if we had more than one teacher. The good thing about Gryffindors was Zoe, she wasn't like the other Gryffindors who were full of confidence and were exceptionally obnoxious.

"So what did Kaitlynn want to talk about!" Zoe asked as McGonagall allowed us in.

"I-Uh..." My mind went blank "I don't know" I suddenly realised that I had not taken in a single word she had said. She just kept talking about things deep inside of her, why did she think I would understand? I'm a teenage boy not an Agony Aunt.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Something about King's Cross....true feelings....I think she mentioned your name once or twice. I was bored and I got distracted by someone choking on the food. Maybe she has true feelings for you?"

"Never become an Agony Aunt, Aubrey, never!" the lesson was mediocre as per usual, I had to tone myself down so I could continue talking with Zoe. Our topics varied, but I couldn't stop thinking about Kaitlynn. She was a good friend, I liked her, but I couldn't help but feel we were drifting apart. It was a horrible thought, but I knew if I had to take sides between Zoe and Kaitlynn who I'd pick.

Poor Kaitlynn would be heartbroken.

The End

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