Damon: Trust you to follow me

I felt as if every eye in the room was watching me. I didn’t bother listening to anyone, as they spoke behind my back and about their holidays with their families. They were lucky. The headmaster was announcing the rules of the school, which I clearly ignored and glazed around the room of students. First years were the easiest to find, looking nervous and existed all at once. I worked out the house tables and not liking the snake symbol on my new boring uniform that I would be wearing. Hmm mum would love to give the uniform a makeover, I sighed wanting to leave and explore this place.

Finally, we were allowed to leave and I made a hastily retreat outside. Once outside I took some deep breaths wondering how I was I going to cope in this place. I clenched my fist thinking of my father, how I hated that he moved us here and annoyed at my mother agreeing that this was the best for me.

“Hey Yankee!” I turned annoyed that my silence had gone. It was that girl, looking on her robe I saw the Ravenclaw symbol and she looked rather annoyed.

“Blondie.” Her grey green eyes seemed to glow as she glared; some others came out but stood back watching the two of us. “Why would I want to read about you?”

“Well you seemed to know who I am and don’t seem very pleased with me being here.” I smiled watching her and waiting for the reply.

“Hard not to, your father and the minister are like best buddies.” She shrugged. “Like I care.”

“So you have heard of me?” I gave her daring smile and I saw the challenging reaction in her eyes.

“Nothing interesting, your mums a big time top clothing designer and you had a reputation at your old school.”

“Basics sweetheart you need to dig deeper and sadly I haven’t got the time right now.” And with that I walked away.

“Stop calling me sweetheart!” I chuckled and headed for my new common room.

Thankfully my father used his management skills and got me a privet room. Small but the double bed looked comfortable, the window was at the back of the school which overlooked the forbidden forest…not like that will stop me.All of my luggage had already been brought up and I began to unpack. When I came across a letter written in my mother’s hand;      

Damon, remember to use your wand and not you’re other talents. Not many schools permit hand skills, so remember try and use your wand. M. x

I slammed my fist down on the table sending fire sparks from my fingertips across my room. “I hate this school.” Then a familiar sensation came over my body. “No way.” Opening my window I looked out to starry night seeing the crescent moon in the sky.

Nothing.  She wasn’t there. I let out a breath and got ready for bed. Sleep didn’t come for a while but somehow I dozed off. Not for very long though. The sensation came over my body again but it was stronger and I sprung up in bed gasping and saw her worry looking at me.

“Lila what are you doing here?” I shook my head at her as she hoped onto the bed, her mouth open showing sharp white teeth. “I can’t believe you followed me, well actually I can.”

“Come here then girl.” I opened my arms out and she flow into my lap and I stroked her smooth soft scales. “Honestly most people have cats, owls or even tods. No not me I have a dragon.

Lila was a rare nightshade dragon with a deep purple colouring, silver and black eyes. She was a tall as a large dog; she could carry two people easily and fly with them for hours without stopping. Lila mother abandoned her at a small age and found me when I was a little kid. She wasn’t like most dragons, she was gentle, timed but if someone needed protecting she would change live up to her nature a fierce dragon. But really she was a softly long as you knew how to handle her, Lila scent was all over me and that’s why that hairball hissed at me.

“Lila, you can’t stay here all day and sadly I don’t think Hogwarts will allow you in my lessons.” Her head snapped up and cuddled me more not wanting to leave. I sighed. “Okay okay….you have to hid, find some place that’s safe and away from others. Then I’ll call you when you can come. But I guess you can stay in here for now.”

I lay back down and Lila curled up by my feet, her tail over my body and we fell asleep wondering what the day would bring.   



The End

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