Tom - Looks

I storde through the Great Hall, getting smirks in return. Ignoring them, I took my place at the Slytherin table, next to Nick Plaughtus. He was a pure-blood, and I only liked him because of that. Otherwise he was a jerk and rather annoying.

I listened to other's conversations, falling into their horrible lives. They unlike my life, were exciting, nice, but they thought they were horrible. They were the best. My boring summer at the orphange was a waste of time. It made me mad, Dumbledore said I couldn't spend my summer at Hogwarts, he said I needed to spend time with muggles and stop terrorizing them. Stupid Professor.


I turned around, "Yes?"

"Are you Tom Riddle?"

I followed the voice to the body. My eyes went a short way, only acroos the table, to a girl with red hair and beautiful hazel eyes. I wouldn't have even noticed her if she hadn't said something. But know that I did, she was extrodinary beautiful.

"Yeah, I am. Why do you want to know?" I muttered.

"Oh, I just saw a picture of you, on the Slytherin board in the dungeons."she spoke, felling the conection between us, like did.

I looked at her once again, and made my decision.

"Do you want to meet me at the edge of the entrance and I'll take it from there?" I didn't know why I said, but I didn't regret it.

"Sure." she was stunned.

"By the way, I didn't catch your name?"

"Kaitlynn Ebony." she smiled.

Kaitlynn... I liked it. I wlaked away to get ready fro a wonderful evening. I could hardy believe it was just the beginning of school.

The End

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