Damon Dragomin: Impression

Glazing out the window my new school seemed small compared to my last school. I leant back in my chair wanting to escape this tin can they called a private jet. Of course I would have taken the train, but my parents insisted on the best and you didn’t argue with my parents.

“Sir, we’re shortly be landing and you haven’t yet changed into your robes.” The flight attendant polity informed me.

“How observant of you.” I replied looking out into the twilight sky and noticing some action on the water. “Seems like some common tricks are already been made.”

“I see sir, nothing like the first day of school.” The flight attendant chuckled. “You look smart enough in boots, jeans, white top.”

“Indeed I do and don’t forget leather jacket.” I smiled and saw the fasten your seat beat sign and waved him away. “Hogwarts wands at the ready.”  


The corridors were quite which was strange; however I followed my nose and came across a set of tall thick wooded doors. Hmm maybe someone can help me in here.

“MEWO!” I jumped and turned round to see a tabby cat looking up at me with weary eyes as it caught my scent.

“Well well what have we here?” A man appeared from the side door, long greasy black hair, scruffy type clothing and a grin hard expression. “You boy who are you?”

I coughed back a laugh. “My god I think the question is,what are you?” His cat hissed at me.

“She doesn’t like strangers, tell me who you are.” The man stepped closer and sniffed once. “Ooo well that explains her reaction to you.”

Now I was getting irritated with this person and his hissing hairball. “Look, firstly back off. Second, control you’re feline and third…”

He smiled showing crocked teeth. “What boy?”

I stepped closer and kept my voice low as I spoke. “My mother could make a fur coat out of your cat in minutes and my father could have your job in seconds.”

“Why you little-

“Mr Filch I see that you have meet are new transfer student, now be on your ways.”

“Yes professor.” Filch gave me one deadly glare then disappeared down the corridor.

I looked back to the doors and saw the professor that stood before me. “Thank you sir.

 “Do not thank me yet. And you’re late. You also have detention.”

“What?” I gasped.

“I was informed from professor Dumbledore who I might add is the headmaster of this school, that you were given your new uniform and I don’t see it.” His voice hard and glared down at me. I took a breath and replied wondering how I was going to get out of this.

“I…appear to have missed laid my luggage, I was going to change before…but was told to come straight to the hall…”

He studied me. “Very well…I will forget it just this once. Just so you don’t sit on the wrong table, you are in Slytherin house and I am professor Snape.”  

I nodded, opened the grand doors and walked a few steps before the whole school fell silent.

1, 2, 3…The whispers began.

“That’s Damon.”

“O’wow just look, he’s not in his robes.”

“He’s the last in the Dragomin line.”

“Damon Dragomin at Hogwarts…great.”

I turned to look at the girl who made the last comment; casually I walked down the line of students and stopped at the girl. “Read about me a lot in your books sweetheart?” Pointing to the book in her lap, the girl opened her mouth but was cut off and I winked at her before heading over to Slytherin table.

The End

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