Kaitlynn- Onto The Carriages

After Zoe and Aubrey's stunt with the boat, which I thought was totally pathetic, we headed for the carriages. Zoe and Aubrey were ignoring me, Zoe was probably doing it so we wouldn't get into a fight, again.

Her voice rang in my head for the fifty-eth time.

"What is your problem with me, Kaitlynn?" she had hissed.

I trying not to fight, for I had done nothing wrong, ignored her and headed back to our compartment.

I came back into the real world and got onto the carriage. Zoe got on sat as far away as she could from me, as Aubrey plopped down beside her. Maybe they were closer than I thought.

I pulled out A History Of Magic Level 5 and began the first chapter. It was boring. Ugh, I hated boring books and decided to enjoy the view.

I could not keep focused long, for Zoe and Aubrey were whispering fast and quiet. But not so quiet, that I couldn't hear them.

"Aubrey, what do you think Kaitlynn's problem is with me?"

"What problem?"

"She hates me."

"No, she doesn't."

"Yeah, you've missed a lot."

"Why do you think she hates you?"

"It's just the way she glares at me, it says it in her eyes."

That was enough for me, "STOP TALKING ABOUT ME! STOP ACTING LIKE I'M INVISIBLE AND I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I yelled and instantly regretted it.

Seeing the look on Aubrey's face, we could never have anything more than friendship...

The End

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