Aubrey: Fun with Magic

The hogwarts express came to a ear-splitting stop and flocks of budding students flew off the aging train. On the platform was the giant of a man, Hagrid, whose job was to show the first years to the boats. These boats glided across the monster-infected lake, it was somwhat a Hogwarts tradition.

I got off with my cabin population. Melissa was still deep in her book whilst me and Zoe were just as deep in conversation. We both spotted the boats heading off to the school. My eyes met her light blue gems and I couldn't help but give her a cheeky smile. We were thinking the same thing, this was the perfect time to try out our new idea.

"Ready?" I asked drawing out my Elm wand. She drew out hers and we simultaneously pointed toward the middle boat. It meandered in the middle of all the others. Pefect.

"Engorgio!" I cried

"Reducio" Zoe countered. My charm hit the middle boat causing it to swell up in size. It causes huge waves and soaked the terrified first years. Zoe counter-charmed, shrinking the boat. I quickly charmed it again, and she repeated her countercharm. We repeated this for some time, by which time the whole school was wise to our DIY wave machine. Everytime I made it large, it made more and more waves. We eventually stopped, not by choice but by force. Another wand intefered with my charm and Professor Sprout was quickly upon us. She was head of Hufflepuff, and did not at all look happy. I looked over to Zoe who cocked her head towards Melissa, who had walked off, on her own, leaving us to our demise.

The End

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