Zoe - Summer's End

I slid open the compartment door and plunked myself down next to Aubrey. I haven’t seen him for weeks, not since before Mum and I left for a holiday in Germany. There was so much to catch up on, and I was absolutely dying to tell him the funny story of the lederhosen-clad wizards we met. I flung my arms around him in a typical Zoe hello, and after a few seconds he tentatively returned the hug. Not wanting to seem rude, I turned and smiled at Kaitlynn.

“Hey Kaitlynn, how have your holidays been?” I said, offering her my most friendly smile.

She seemed to not have heard me, her gaze still trained on Aubrey’s face. I shrugged, and turned to Aubrey again.

“So, how were your holidays without me?” I said, winking, “Did you miss me?”

“How could I not! You promised to get back and visit Diagon Alley with me, and then you stayed in Germany for another two days!” he replied, his voice soft.

“That wasn’t my fault! The Portkey broke down!” I said, “How was shopping for school with your mother though?”

“She drove me crazy! I swear I will never go shopping at Diagon Alley with her again,” he said heatedly, his voice still sounding just above a whisper.

“Wanna hear a story about wizards in lederhosen?” I said, leaning in closer.

“You bet!” he said, and I proceeded to tell him the whole thing. He laughed out loud at the part where one of the wizards tripped over and tore the braces of his lederhosen, and I marveled for a moment at how his dull green eyes turned sparkling. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kaitlynn glaring at me, her eyes shooting daggers.

“I think I’m going to change into my robes,” she muttered, standing up.

As she made her way out of the compartment, she managed to kick me really hard in the shin. She passed it off as an accident, but I swear it was on purpose. Looking outside the window, I could see that we were nearing Hogwarts. Maybe Kaitlynn did have a point in going to change into her robes. I grabbed my own bag and told Aubrey that I would be back soon. Kaitlynn was not far off down the carriage, so I quickened my steps to catch up. Perhaps it was time for me to really try and make friends with her.

“Kaitlynn, excited to be back to Hogwarts?” I said, falling into steps with her.

She nodded curtly and tried to walk quicker. I matched her step, and tried again to start a conversation.

“So what subjects are you taking this year?” I asked.

“None of your business, Henderson,” she hissed at me, and disappeared into the restroom.

I swung the door open and stepped into a cubicle. I could hear Kaitlynn furiously tearing at her clothes. Pulling my own Muggle garments off, I slipped on Hogwart’s robe and tied my hair back. I stepped out of my cubicle at the exact moment that Kaitlynn did. She stared straight at me, her hazel eyes cold. After a few second she lifted her chin and marched out of the restroom, her Muggle clothes folded in a neat pile in her arms. I quickly balled up my own messy bundle of Muggle clothes, and followed Kaitlynn back to our compartment. When I finally caught up to her, I couldn’t contain my annoyance any longer.

“What is your problem with me, Kaitlynn?” I asked, the words almost hissing through my teeth.


The End

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