I looked over to Kendra and she her eyes were looking into nothing. It seemed she was thinking. I wonder what she was thinking about? Just as I thought that, she went on about "Jack and the Beanstalk" and Bonfires and Pink haired kid, most likely me, and soaking girl. She suggested we go somewhere to practice. We all agreed.

Kendra was walking in front of us but she kept glancing back. I decided to talk to the other boy and ask his name, "Hi, I would like to know your name. You didn't tell me earlier so I'm just curious."

"Thierry." He replied quite quickly. "Thierry. I like that name." I stated.

I'm very excited to see the others powers. I think that's what we should call them. Before Kendra escorted us to the middle of a field, Thierry questioned where Kendra was taking us. The field was quite big, but by the looks of it some trees were burned down. Kendra decided to show off her fire ability. She held both her arms out, she was in the shape of a cross. Soon enough her arms started to blaze. The flames where just a few millimeters away for her skin. The flames slowly started getting smaller and smaller.

She smiled and tried to look up to us but she lost the flames and she was burned and the ground around her also. She grabbed her stomach and groaned. I think she felt embarrassed. I thought I should make her feel not so bad, "That was really cool! I wish I could control fire." I complimented.

She looked towards me and smiled. I guess she liked the compliment. "Thanks but I still need work on a few things." she stated. I decided to show them what I can do.

"Is it okay if I show you guys what I can do?" I asked. Thierry and Kendra nodded. Maylin gave a thumbs up. I smile. I point my arms to the ground with my hands facing towards them. I tightened the muscles in my arms and I shot up right in the air. I pulled my arms close to me crossed and the air kept me mid-air. I thought I could move since I never moved before but I guess not. I instantly fell towards the ground. I quickly did a front flip and the air below me guided me towards the ground.

"So I can't move while in the air but It was worth a try." I laugh. "Can I have a volenteer?" I ask. Thierry comes towards me. I ask him to stand three feet away. He listens. I let my arms and hands hover just over my waist. A small swirl of air twirls around me. I guide it towards Thierry and it pushes him back, towards a tree. I guide the air behind him and it stops him. He grins from far away.

"Maylin! You should go next?" I suggested.

The End

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