I sighed and rolled my eyes at the conversation, uncomfortable and confused by what had suddenly been brought to light. So, there were more people, like me, who could control the elements, right under my nose this whole time? How could I not have noticed? I mean, I'd seen Thierry use his powers before. But I never thought there would be this many of us, let alone that we would all go to the same school by coincidence. Thierry still hadn't seen me use my powers; no one had, and I wasn't about to show them off.

Maylin's words were hard not to scoff at. Be careful? Like I never would have thought to do that on my own. It wasn't trying big stuff that I was worried about- it was containing the big stuff. "Now our secret's are out... what do we do?" Maylin questioned, and we all gave each other thoughtful looks. That was a good question.

"Well," I started, unfolding my arms and relaxing a bit, "I say we should practice. Thierry can obviously handle himself, but like you said, you have trouble doing big things. I, on the other hand, have trouble containing my... powers." I said the word as if I were unsure it was the proper thing to call our abnormalities. "That's why I burn stuff," I said softly, casting my eyes away from the group.

Then a pink haired boy walked up and introduced himself. It took me a second to register that he was talking to us, and we should probably respond. Maylin saved me the trouble, and proceeded to whisper in Thierry's ear, then he spilled our secret to yet another person. For a second my temper flared, but then he informed us -quite excitedly, even- that he could control air. I raised a brow, "So now that's all four elements... But why do I feel like there is another element here?" I paused, then introduced myself.

I asked how much Chino could do, and he responded "Well, the wind can carry me to high places, like the roof, and I can push people away but I'm still working on that one." I nodded slowly in response, and shifted my position so I was a bit closer to Thierry, and Chino had more room on the ground. "I'm so glad I finally found others like me!" the boy seemed a bit overly excited, like we were suddenly all best friends.

Glancing around the group, I kind of wondered if he was right. We were probably some of the most unlikely people to be friends, let alone best friends; but in light of recent events, maybe it would work. We seemed to mesh together in a strange but right way. Maybe this was the start of something amazing. I smiled a bit at the thought.

"Well," I finally said, bringing myself back to reality. The conversation might have continued without me, but I had been in my own little world right then. "We got lucky with all of us turning up in the same place at the same time and our secrets coming out all together, but I think if Jack and the Bean Stalk style things start making impromptu trips into reality, someone's gonna notice. Unless you guys think everyone's going to ignore random bonfires, pink haired kids flying around, and a soaking wet girl all together, I think we should go somewhere else to practice."

With that, I stood and made my way into the woods. There was a clearing I had found while wandering, and it was a bit bigger now that I had accidentally burned a few trees down. They didn't need to know that, though. I led them into the privacy of the trees, hearing their hesitant footsteps behind me. When we were almost there, Theirry spoke up, "Where exactly are you leading us off to?" he asked, sounding a bit annoyed. Not a minute later, we reached the clearing.

I turned to them and crossed my arms, "Anyone got a better idea?" I didn't wait for an answer before I walked to the middle of the clearing. Before anyone had time to react, fire burst from my fingertips and I rolled my shoulders, sending the flames into a multitude of circles, making it look like there was a bright orange orb around me. I closed my eyes and smiled, relishing the feeling of my element surrounding me.

Too soon, I halted myself, holding my arms out to the sides, my body in the shape of a cross. My arms blazed, fire rising nearly five feet into the air; if you looked closely, the flames actually started a few millimeters away from my skin.
I opened my eyes and my face twisted in concentration as I tried to pull the flames back. Slowly but surely, they receded into oblivion, leaving only candle-sized flames at the tips of each of my fingers.

I smiled brightly and looked up at the others. Before I had time to see their faces and reactions, I lost it. The flames burst suddenly from my hands and up, scorching the ends of my hair and clothes. I fell to the grass below, the newly burned blades crunching beneath my weight. Luckily, the trees were far enough away that I didn't cause too big of an accident that time around. Groaning, I clutched my stomach. It was all I could hope that my clothes were still in good enough condition to stay on my body. Great first impression, Kendra....

The End

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