Chino Momoiro

"isn't the sky beautiful?" I said to myself as I sat on the roof. 

This was my favourite spot to hang out during noontime recess and at breaks. It was nice and quite and peaceful. But it was lonely. I miss my sister and my cousins, they were nice to me and fun to hang around with. but now that I go to this academy, I haven't found any friends or even teachers to hang out with. I was alone. So I decided to fly up here to the roof. You may ask "fly"? What I mean about "fly" is that I can control the wind and the wind can carry me to high places and so far I can only push people back from 3 feet away. But even that takes energy away from my body.

I decided to look down to the courtyard where the Cherry Blossom tree sprouted recently. I saw a group of people down there and it looked like they were doing something, but I couldn't quite see. I decided to jump off the roof and just before the bottom, the air slowly lowered me to a ground. I ran to where the group was.

"Hello. I'm Chino." I introduced myself.

They just looked at me absent-minded. Then one girl spoke," Hi, my name is Maylin". She seemed friendly. I sat down beside them and asked what they were doing.

" hold on" Maylin whispered in a boys ear. He nodded and looked at me. "We are practicing our elements." he grinned.

"Really! You mean I'm not the only one!" I said excitedly. "I can control air."

"So now that's all four elements; But why do I feel like there is another element here?" The other girl spoke. "The name's Kendra." she greeted. "How much can you do?" she asked.

"Well, the wind can carry me to high places, like the roof, and I can push people away but I'm still working on that one." I replied.

We all sat together, talking. I was finally happy and not lonely. I had friends.

The End

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