Spirit Fall

I sat on the floor, cross-legged, and closed my eyes. For a moment, all was black, then the light came. The white light expanded on me, making me feel like I was floating. I opened my eyes to see one more person in my room. Ray. He had long brown hair with blonde flecks in, and bright green eyes and a big grin. Hi Ray! I thought.

Spirit! Hi! How are you? He replied.

I'm fine thanks, just finished packing!

Packing? Why? Are you moving house? Where are you going? I could feel the anxiousness in his voice.

No, I'm going to bording school, "Eithraw Academy", it's elite! I'll need to get going in a few minutes though.

No, a few more minutes! Please? He pleaded, but I shook my head.

Sorry, I've got to go, but I'll summon you as soon as I get alone. Bye! I gave him a last smile then shut my eyes. The white light soon faded into the usual black, so I opened my eyes and got up. Dragging my bags downstairs, I called to my sister, Jenny, and siad goodbye to her. Then, I went out and wandered down the road to the train station. I boarded the train relaxed for the long journey.

Ray's a spirit. He died a few years ago but, for some reason, stayed floating on Earth. Lots of spirits are like that. I control the element of Spirit. I know, I know; "Spirits aren't an element! there are only four elements!". But that isn't true. When the elements were made, Spirit was one of them, but because people can't see them, they excluded it. I can summon them and can talk to Spirits. If someone's about to die, I can make them die quicker with no pain at all.  

* * *

As the train pulled in at the station, I looked up at the huge building. My bags would my taken to my room, so all I needed to do was register. I went up the stone steps and into the reception. I stifled a gasp -- it was easily as big as the hall at my old school! The flooring was blue granite and the cushions on the chairs were silk! I went the desk and registered, almost forgetting my own name, then decided to go for a walk around the grounds.

I went into the sunshine and looked both ways. The my left was a massive lake with benches and tree around it; the other side was the parking lot. Guess I was going to the lake. I turned the corner to find hardly anyone there -- it really was elite. There was a group of people around a cherry blossom tree that stared at me as I walked past. I didn't get very far.

"Hey, new girl!" The boy shouted mockingly. I stopped for a moment, then ignored him and walked on. But he was persistent.

"Hey! I was talking to you!"

I turned around, knowing that if I didn't it wouldn't end well. "What?" I asked.

The boy smirked, so I turned back and walked on.

The End

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