I studied Kendra's face; it did not change much since the start of our awkward conversation about magical powers. 

'I burn stuff.' Kendra said finally, giving in to our eager stares.

'Well, what a sweet little chick-a-dee you are.' I snorted, pulling a chocolate bar from my blazer pocket. She grinned widely.

'Well, Thierry, you should know by now that I'm not that lady-like.' Kendra laughed, picking some ash from underneath her nails.

'I just thought I'd say... you two shouldn't push yourselves with those powers of yours.' Maylin said in a worried but stern voice, 'last time I tried to do something really big, I passed out.'

'I think I'm cool for now, Maylin,' I laughed, raising my eyebrows, 'see this tree, I made it. In one hour.'

Maylin gaped at the massive tree we were all lounging under. Kendra coughed and spluttered as though she really didn't believe me.

'No way!' They both gasped at the same time.

'I'm much more useful than I look.' I smirked, before taking a meditation pose, 'I am one with the earth--aside from littering-- and I will protect my turf!'

'Stupid.' Kendra muttered, running a hand through her mass of dark brown hair.

'Well. Now our secret's are out... what do we do?' Maylin asked, flicking back a bunch of stray hairs from her face.

We all exchanged looks that pondered our situation.

What were we really going to do?


The End

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