I took in the girl who had just turned up. She had a burn on her neck. 

My initial thought was that it was strange how a lot of the girls here didn't know how to talk to boys without flirting. Whatever happened to a friendly chatter? I didn't like how she described me, although she said I was pretty. It was the mocking tone she used. Plus, she shook her head when she saw me. But, I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and sometimes not the blurb either. 

She obviously already knew Thierry, so I introduced myself.

"Hello," I said, smiling. "I'm Maylin. Nice to meet you..." I left the end of the sentence open for her to put her own name in, as most people did. 

"Kendra," she smiled back. Then asked, "Why are you wet?"

"Because I can control water," I said simply. I could get used to this reaction thing.

Kendra's face went through shock, to disbelief, to confusion, and back to shock again. Then she settled for the response of, "Really?" 

"No," I lied. I thought it was strange, while amusing that she settled with that and didn't then ask for the real reason I was wet. Thierry hadn't either. I asked her, "Why is your neck burned?"

She seemed to take up the joke. "Because I can control fire."

"No you can't," Thierry said. I grinned, but the way Kendra had spoken made me think that she wasn't actually joking.

"What's the real reason?" I challenged, curious. 

"What's the real reason you're wet?" she countered, noticing what I was getting at.

I grinned, she was clever. She sat down on the grass with us. Thierry sat there continuing to make his flowers grow. Kendra had obviously seen this before and didn't seem really surprised. 

The topic of conversation was on magic tricks, and a show that Kendra and I had coincidentally both been at. Anyway, it moved on to which card tricks we could do, then I got an idea.

"OK, I've got one," I announced. I fished my flask out of my bag (I normally kept a hot drink in there, but it hadn't been out since yesterday) and took of the lid. I displayed it's undeniable emptiness. Then I swirled it around like I would if I was washing it out, and upended it. A small quantity of water splashed onto the grass. I raised an eyebrow at their faces. I tapped the bottom of the lid, and it began to act as a tap.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop a second," Thierry said. I turned the lid back over and the flow stopped immediately. This was one of the only things I could do safely, without getting a soaking. "You said you couldn't control water."

"I lied," I smiled. 

"Go on then," Kendra nodded. "What else can you do with it?"

"Successfully, or just in general?"


"I was the one who flooded the toilets the other day," I revealed, adding, "By accident," as an afterthought. 

"So that is why you're always wet," Thierry stated. 

I nodded, then looked expectantly at Kendra. She shifted slightly, but did nothing. Then Thierry turned his expectant gaze on her, too. I wondered what she could do...

The End

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