I went back to my music, but kept on glancing at the soaking wet, indifferent girl. She was drenched from her neck tie to her school socks.

Shaking my head chuckling, I returned to my book. I felt her staring at me hard, I looked up and she looked away. I frowned.

'Do I know you?' I asked suddenly, Maylin looked up, her eye brows raised.

'No, only from my past visit's to the wall.' She joked feebly, smiling at me weakly as she started on wringing the water from her skirt.

'Mhmm. Did you know I can control the earth?' I smiled in a friendly manner, this one always got people. It was the truth but everyone took it was a lie. I found it incredibly amusing to see them glare at me and walk off, despite my incredibly charming self.

Maylin paused, like she was about to say something, 'yes, yes. And I, too, can control an element.'

I'm quite sure she was joking. But the fact that I can control the earth made me wonder if she honestly was. I wonder, I wonder. She sounded cynical and sarcastic, but something in her voice and expression made me contradict that theory. 

'Which one?' I carried on, determined to keep a conversation with her.

'Water. That's why I'm always so wet.'

'Are you being serious?'

'No, of course not. I just enjoy laying in the schools' lake from time to time.' She said sarcastically, she chuckled to herself and pulled off her tie.

'I'm not joking either.' I said, leaning forward, looking into her eyes. Maylin  narrowed her own at me, leaning backwards.

'I was lying, I cannot, and never will control water.' Maylin said finally.

I felt a large smirk spread across my face. This was awfully interesting. I liked this chick and I think I was going to befriend her. Despite her air of perfection, I'm sure she's a fun person?

I raised a hand and she looked at me, one of her eyebrows cocked. I grinned at her as I pushed a few pansies from the grass in front of her.

She gaped at the small flower patch I had created, 'whatever my appearance tells you, it's not true. I'm actually quite fond of flowers.'

'Oh...' Maylin said faintly, 'you really can control earth...'

The End

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