"Damn it!" I yelled, stamping my foot after I got yet another soaking from my power, which I couldn't control properly. I looked in the mirror furiously. This was not working. 

My hair was plastered to the side of my face and the back of my neck. My clothes stuck to my skin and my shoes squelched when I moved my feet. At least I didn't wear make up. That would have been a sorry sight to see. 

I peeled off my cardigan and wrung it out into the bath, then I hung it on the radiator. I took of my shoes and socks and began blow-drying my hair and the rest of my uniform until they were only damp, instead of dripping. 

Because it was a nice day, I decided to go outside and let the sun dry me off completely. I really couldn't be bothered to get changed. Grabbing my iPod on the way out, I made my way to my usual spot next to the wall. That guy was there again, sitting under that tree which hadn't existed until he turned up. 

I didn't bother him. We didn't talk to each other. The one time he'd acknowledged me was to give me a confused look as if to say 'why are you wet?', and then he'd gone back to listening to his music. Of course, he always knew I was there, but he just ignored me. And besides, I preferred it that way. I'd seen him be rude to other people and I didn't really want to be treated like that.

I've been brought up to be very polite. To have good manners, a good attitude, respect to others, etcetera. I excel at English because I've practically been coached with good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Misplaced apostrophes do my head in. I'm average at all the other lessons. Except Music, because my parents made sure I was brilliant at that, too. I play violin to grade six, piano to grade nine, and I don't do grades in singing but people tell me I have an amazing voice.

 "Hey," someone said as I took my shoes off and placed them next to me. I looked up.

"Pardon?" I said, confused as to who had spoken.

"You," it was the guy with the tree.

"Hello," I responded.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Maylin," I said. "Maylin Blue."

He went back to his music.

I waited a few seconds. "Excuse me."


"Excuse me, but you didn't tell me your name," I smiled.

I looked me up and down, as if he was making a decision as to whether I was worthy of knowing his name or not. Apparently I was. 

"Thierry," he told me.

Then we went back to our usual silence. I wondered why he decided to ask who I was. Normally he would pretend I wasn't there. Maybe he was just curious as to why a random girl in a wet school uniform kept turning up. I didn't know. I didn't know him.

The End

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