Spells to Make you Smile

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I nodded to my music, skimming the pages of my revision guide. Not caring about learning or my education. I was sitting under my giant cherry-blossom tree. Yes, mine, I made it because I needed some shade. Mine you, took alot of energy from me. Mentally and physically.

A group of chattering girls kept on throwing cheeky looks over their shoulders.  I glared at them and they all fell into fits of giggles and snickers.

One of them with skin in an unnatural and freaky shade of orange sauntered over to me, blusher plastered on her non-existent cheek-bones. Her eyes framed with clumpy mascara. Just the sight made me cringe. I bet she was much prettier without all that crap on her face.

'Do you want to come eat with us?' She simpered, toying with her hair.

'I'm gay.' I replied bluntly. I know lying is bad, but it's just too hard resist with these sorts of girls. Even her make up couldn't hide her blushing, it spread all over her face and she mumbled something and scurried off and said something to her friends.

'But... I've seen him around all of those other girls! I even saw him making out with this biker chick!' I heard one said in a angry voice. I laughed softly and they all looked over at me.

'Don't mess with stuff you can't handle... little girls.' I smirked, cocking my head as I got up and walked past him. I heard the giggles explode again and the whispers began once again.

My name is Thierry and I'm a transfer student, I did my time for about a year for things no one else needs to know. Don't ask me how the heck I got into a private academy with my record. I really don't know, but I guess there could be the fact that my parent's are filthy rich and insisted that I entered a stupid academy in the middle of a forest.

Eithraw Academy for the Elite had about seven or nine acres of land, a full size equestrian and three swimming pools. Nice, my thoughts. But the lessons suck and the only things I excel at are Science, horse riding, swimming, math and nearly all of the sports in PE.

People from all over the world come here and I've seen my fair share of crazy things because of this. 

And, oh yeah, I can also speak... English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Swedish, Japanese, Bulgarian, Danish, Irish, Icelandic, African, Hindi, Hebrew and Russian. So yeah, I'm pretty well educated. That's what you get for being in a rich and famous family. I was brought up to be well mannered and perfect. Like a doll, no, more like a puppet to do all these things that they wanted me to do.

Boy, oh, boy did I go wrong. I turned out badly behaved, rude and eventually got involved with gangs.

But I have a big secret which makes me different from everyone else. This secret makes me so much better than them, so much more elite than everyone else here.

I can control the element of Earth!

The End

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