Nike-Too Close

All of us fall into an uncomfortable silence while we think about Akiko’s problem. I send Kasumi ahead to scout for any lurking professors and hall monitors. A simple spell lets me read his mind and I lead the girls slowly through the grounds and to the dorms.

Kuro follows us back to our floor where we creep into Akiko and Tsuki’s room.

The door slams behind us, making all of us jump. We were so careful till the very last moment.

Akiko runs and hides under her blankets while Kuro and I run into the closet. Tsuki sits up, not understanding what just happened. Akiko shoos her back to sleep but it is too late, the door opens to reveal the hall monitor.

“What is this?” She barks.

Tsuki slides back under covers.

“Another sound out of you and it will be morning detention with me!” The hall monitor scowls. “You’ll be cleaning the desks! With your hands!”

The door slams behind her. After a couple of minutes of shocked silence, Kuro and I open the closet and slide down its doors.

“I’m too young for a heart attack,” I mutter.

Tsuki sits back up. “What happened? Did nothing happen tonight? Akiko is in her bed.”

“Oh, something happened,” Kuro snaps.

I give her a look that hopefully says: We didn’t get caught, relax.

“What happened?” Tsuki demands.

Akiko sits up and scratches her arms and legs.

“Each night she morphs into a different animal form,” I said because no one else wanted to.

 I explain further the details about what Kuro and I witnessed. Tsuki hands on to every word.

“So? Got any ideas on how can Akiko learn to control it? It will be more than detention if she gets caught.” Kuro wrinkles her nose in disgust.

That girl really hates getting in trouble.

“Well, before we figure out control, maybe we should figure out the why.” Tsuki scratches her head. “I mean I know it’s her power but I don’t see other witches doing it.”

“Right, well, we’ll need to go over this tomorrow,” I said from my spot. “All of us need sleep or we will get in trouble tomorrow. Good luck with the headmaster.” I wink at Kuro before picking up Kasumi and leaving the girls. 

The End

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