Night Ventures

Where am I? Why is it all dark? Open my eyes; I need to open my eyes.  It takes a while until I can see a where I am. I am in a forest; I see the green of the leaves as I never could. I can see every living being in the tree, I can see the birds sleeping on the branches. I can see how the leaves move slowly and the wind carefully brushes against it.

Why do I feel like I am gliding? I look at my side and I see something incredible I see white wings ah so tonight I am a bird. If at least I can’t go see my dad on a regular basis I can at least see him in my dreams. DADDY!!!!

WOW I love being a bird having wings the freedom it gives you is something unlike I have ever felt. Feeling the wind in between the feathers is like feeling the water against your feet but as air. Dad oh god I miss you. You actually have a sense of humor most of the wizards use magic to hurt others or to play pranks but I don’t get their jokes. I miss the cakes you make, and grandma’s hot chocolate.

I keep flying and I enter into town, from this high up the moon looks so beautiful. But I know that this is all not real but an illusion created by my imagination its nothing more than a dream; a beautiful dream.

I pass the gates of the school. When I hear people screaming my name, but I turn around and I see nothing but then a voice says “Visivel.” I recognized the voice it was Kuro. This is new; I never had a dream with my friends in it. Then I see Kuro and Nike, why am I dreaming about the new girl? Whatever.

“Akiko?” Kuro screams “Shhh! Kuro do you want us to get caught?”Nike said silently to Kuro. I get back to the gate and head towards them and then one of them hits me with a spell and I quickly fall to the ground.

Once I hit the ground my shape changes to my regular self. “Ouch, that hurt,” I said as I rubbed my back and I see Nike and Kuro come to me.  “Akiko, where did you go? We turned the corner and you were gone.” Kuro asks. I look at her and say “Who hit me?”  

Nike looks at me weird and says “We didn’t hit you, there was just a bird and…” She stopped what she was saying then looked shocked “Akiko you were the bird.” I looked at her and said “Well it’s a dream and we are about to get caught.”

Kuro then says “Phantasma,” then she whispers “Akiko it is not a dream you were night walking and then you disappeared and we were looking for you and if we get caught well like you say we are going to be more toast than bread.” I laugh “Kuro it’s a dream the last thing I remember is falling asleep.” 

“Ouch, why did you pinch me Nike!” she smiles “See it’s not a dream.”  Then the wizard I saw earlier came where we were and looked around then he said to his familiar who was a frog “Is there anybody here?” “Croack No” “Well then let’s look somewhere else Ted, I heard a rustle over there" and points to the direction of the gate.

We walk in silence to the dorms and once we get to my room, and then Kuro said “At least we know what happened when we you to sleep.” 

Then Nike says “Well it won’t help her if she can’t control it.”

“Nike don’t be so negative. “ Kuro replied. 

“I am only being realistic” Nike replied.

“So how can I control it while I sleep?” I asked.

They look at each other and Nike said “Honestly I don’t know.”

“Kuro” I said softly. “Sorry Akiko I don’t know either.”

The End

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