Kuro: Vigil

 Kuro made a face, concentrating.

“I…I really don’t know. I don’t know how he could have known she would tell us…or why he would show up then…”

Tsuki sighed.

“What if I see him following me again? What do I do then?”

“Just stay close to the school,” Kuro offered, “Don’t let him find you alone. We don’t know whether or not he’s dangerous.”

“But what about the scars?” Nike asked, stroking Kasumi.

Kuro let out a long breath.

“I was thinking…Tsuki, you and Akiko room together. Have you seen anything?”

Tsuki looked sheepish.

“I’m a deep sleeper.” She said apologetically.

Kuro shrugged.

“I thought as much. How big is your closet?”

Tsuki had a perplexed look on her face.


“Dai, your tail’s in my face.”

The familiar mewled, squeezing into a corner.

“How long are we going to wait here?” Nike asked, “I can’t feel my feet!”

Kuro shrugged.

“Until we see what’s happening to Akiko.”

As if on cue the door creaked and Kuro froze, watching through the crack in the door as Akiko walked into her dorm.

“I’m exhausted!” she groaned, flopping onto her bed.

“Long day?” Tsuki’s muffled voice replied.

“Yeah…that Spell Binding test? Crackle barrels…”

“Did you get the broomstick question?”

“Uh…I said it would stay enchanted for five days.”

“…I said four.”


Kuro did her best to keep her eyes open, but felt herself starting to tune out as the firstyears chattered and went about their business. Eventually she started to review a notebook she’d brought along in the dim light, yawning.

Maybe she could rest her eyes. Just for a second.

“Kuro! Kuro!”

“What is it?” she whispered, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, “Wait…what time is it?”

“I don’t know…maybe three a.m.? Look at Akiko!” Nike hissed back.

Kuro peered through the crack, startled.

Akiko had gotten up from bed and was moving slowly towards the door, her head drooping down to her chest.

Her eyes were shut.

“What do we do?” Nike asked, horrified.

“I don’t know. Is Tsuki awake?”

Nike shook her head.

“Sleeping like a log. I would use a wake-up spell, but…”

“Too risky?”

“I don't want to wake up Akiko by accident.” Nike shrugged.

“Then we'd have to do this all over again.” Kuro muttered, half to herself.

Akiko started turning the doorknob.

"I guess we should follow her." Kuro whispered half-heartedly, grabbing Dai.

"What if someone sees us?" Nike hissed, her red eyes wide.

Kuro pulled out her wand, watching it gleam in the faint light.


Akiko was out in the hall and they eased the closet door open, slipping out of the dorm behind her.

Because of the time the lights had been dimmed considerably, and Kuro tried not to be creeped out as they followed Akiko's shuffling form.

Dai was completely still as she held him, except for his whiskers tickling her arm.

She kept her wand in her hand, chewing on her lip as they walked.

Kuro had already lost count of the amount of rules they were breaking.

The End

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