Nike- a needle in a haystack

I follow Tsuki and Kuro into Kuro’s room. My mind is full of possibilities and hope that Tsuki just has an over excited imagination.

Kuro sits down on her rolling chair next to the desk, Tsuki sits down on the floor, back leaning against the wall and I sit cross legged on Kuro’s bed.

“How was the headmaster?” Tsuki asks. I have a feeling she does not want to talk about Akiko just yet.

“He’s in charge of my punishment,” Kuro sighs. “You ladies will eat without me from now on during lunch.”

“That’s cruel,” I pet Kasumi. “But, I guess that meeting with him after classes is worse with that girl’s death.”

The room falls into silence.

After a couple of minutes, Kasumi bites my finger. “Quit stalling. We need to figure this out before Akiko decides to visit Kuro and find out what we are talking about.”

“Kasumi is right as usual,” I say seriously. “Tsuki, tell me everything you remember about the scars.”

“Well,” Tsuki started. “Akiko told us that ever since she started at the academy, every night she’s been waking up with dirt on her pajamas and scars all over.”

“Anything else?” Kasumi asks as he grooms his front paw with a deep expression on his muzzle.

“She said she has weird feeling about the academy,” Kuro says. “And, when we had that conversation, we used a silent spell. We probably should have used one now.”

I shake my head. “Silent spell won’t do one good in a place like this.”

“Agreed,” Kasumi says.

The room falls into silence once again.

I have time to think about of how being at home was better. There were no worries about dead girls, weird powers, handsome headmasters, dueling practices, red pandas, and scars.

Suddenly I look up and find Tsuki watching me. “When did you first meet the stalker? Before or after you found out about Akiko’s scars?”

Kasumi looks up, bright eyed. A needle in a haystack may just become bigger.

“It was before,” Tsuki thought deeply. “Maybe, hours before, not sure.”

I was wrong, the needle just got smaller.

I look to Kuro. “Got any idea on what it means? A stalker appears right before Akiko tells you her secret. What is the connection?”

The End

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