Kuro: Stalker

Kuro stood in front of the heavy oak door, resisting the urge to grind her teeth.

Humiliated. In front of her class. And now she was going to miss Runes, because of her ‘punishment’.

She begrudgingly admitted to herself that it was the only class she could stand missing. Not that it was relevant.

Kuro could have easily continued with her volunteering at the library to complete her sentence. But, naturally, Himura had to ruin everything.

He just wanted a chance to rub it all in. The fact that he was Headmaster, right after graduating, and now, that he had beaten her again.

If she didn’t have a spotless record at risk, there were a few choice words she would have loved to throw at him.

The door swung inwards, cutting of her darkening train of thoughts, and Kuro walked in, trying to hide her agitation.

It swung shut behind her and she surveyed her surroundings with a remote curiosity.

The room was near-identical to the Headmistress’ office; stuffed bookshelves, luxurious tapestries, a huge arched window opposite her and a large oak desk with the armchair on one side and the small wicker chair on the other.

She moved to sit in the wicker chair, fixing her eyes to the spider spinning a web in a corner of the window.

She could hear the armchair creak as the Headmaster turned to look at her, and she could almost sense the smug smirk on his face.

“Miss Hayashi.”

“Headmaster.” She acknowledged, watching the spider descend on an invisible thread.

“As punctual as ever.” Himura commented, “Though I must say the courtesy is a surprise.”

“People change.” She replied, as the spider swung to the opposite side of the window, drawing the silk behind it, “You requested to supervise me, sir?”

The bitterness in her voice was just barely smothered by her mask of obedience.

“Also as blunt as ever. Yes. I did. The duration of your punishment will be served under my supervision.”

“Surely you don’t have the time for a task so…menial?” Kuro asked innocently, as the spider’s slim legs weaved through the air.

“As Headmaster, I make it a priority to find time for all of our students. Even those committing serious infringements of school rules.”

Kuro let the barb slide, watching the spider’s hypnotic dance.

“Of course, sir. I have nothing but the deepest regret for my transgressions. As such, I would like to serve my punishment as soon as possible.”

The sooner it was over, the sooner she wouldn’t have to put up with him.

“Naturally. Starting tomorrow, you will report to the greenhouse for the first half of your lunch period. I will further instruct you then.”

“Yes, sir.” Kuro replied, her face emotionless as she quietly simmered.

“That is all for today. You may return to your Divination and Runes class.”

Kuro stood, bowing stiffly as she turned to leave.

“Oh, and Miss Hayashi-“

She turned, seeing the very smirk she had predicted.

“Don’t run.”

She opened the door herself, letting it slam shut behind her as she emerged into the hall.


Tsuki and Nike were walking towards her, and she forced the scowl off of her face.

“What’s happening?” she asked, “Why aren’t you both in class?”

Tsuki rolled her eyes, grabbing Kuro’s arm as they started walking down the hall.

“Come on, teacher’s pet, we have to talk about something.”

“What?” Kuro half-whispered, “We’re going to be late!”

“Aren’t you technically excused from class anyways?” Tsuki hissed, scanning the hall as they walked.

“Yeah.” Kuro sighed, “But the semester just started, and I want to be ready for the winter exams-“

“-you have three months. You’ll be fine.”

Kuro accepted defeat as they entered the East Courtyard, moving towards a bush on their right.

“Why are we here?” Kuro asked incredulously, adjusting her scarf as the brisk air hit her.

“The situation...required some secrecy.” Nike admitted, holding Kasumi.

“There’s this guy.” Tsuki started, scratching her head.

“There’s always a guy, isn’t there?” Kuro groaned, as the two girls shushed her.

“Not like that!” Tsuki hissed, anxious, “He’s…been following me.”

“So you have a stalker?” Kuro gaped, “Shouldn’t you be telling a teacher about this?”

“I…I think he’s looking for Akiko.” She whispered, “And with her scars…maybe…”

“He had something to do with it.” Kuro finished, watching as Nike and Tsuki nodded.

“I might be overreacting…” Tsuki shrugged, “But with everything that’s going on…”

“No teacher would take us seriously.” Kuro sighed, “You were right coming to me instead. Tonight…”

She let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.

“Tonight we figure things out ourselves.”

The End

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