Nike-Running into Tsuki

The duel was entertaining to say the least; however, it cannot be said about the rest of the lesson. After the headmaster left, Kuro was in a sour mood. She would stay clear from any questions by taking meticulous notes. This teacher apparently liked her attitude and asked other students questions. Page 573 was page 246 in my mother’s old text book. When the teacher asked me about a specific want movement, I replied quickly and accurately. The teacher left me alone after that.

Before the class let out, the teacher announced that the last class of the day was cancelled. Kuro rushed out of the classroom, leaving me watching the dust of her robes. She probably went to see the headmaster, which is one conversation I do not want to overhear.

I look around at the students, I know no one. Guess, I will be caught again and sent to the headmistress office.

The moment I step outside of the classroom, hands pull me to the side. It takes me a moment to recognize Tsuki.

“Um, Tsuki? You look a little wild,” were the best words I could come up with.

“I’m a neko,” she says exasperated, “it’s in my nature.”

“There’s this guy that keeps popping up, randomly, I may add,” Tsuki explains.

“What does he look like?” I ask, trying to peel of her hands from my shoulders.

“A mature-looking teen,” Tsuki says. “He talked to me only once. He asked if I knew someone with the name of Minuka.”

“Do you?” I ask.

“Akiko,” Tsuki whispers.

I am finally free. “And you said he hasn’t spoken to you since?”

Tsuki shakes her head. “Whenever I am alone, I notice him behind trees, pillars, and doors. I almost let it slip during the conversation. I think he knows that I know Akiko.”

I shake my head. “He may or he may not. There’s got to be more than one Minuka at this academy.”

“Akiko wakes up scarred,” Tsuki whispers. “He may be behind it or at least know what’s happening to her.”

Maybe I should never come here. First the brotherhood and now scars on Akiko.

“Let’s go hunt down Kuro. We don’t want Akiko knowing about all this yet,” I pick up Kasumi and start walking.

Tsuki matches my steps. “Do you know where she is?”

“Headmaster’s office. Know where it is?” I ask.

Tsuki starts laughing. “I hope she’s behaving with him. They have a history.”

The End

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