Akiko - I'm in trouble...again.

Katsu was different than what I thought, but I hope Kai gives me a full report on Katsu after I get him back. 

I was bored in class the only thing that made me pay attention to class was when the teacher talked about the murder of one of our fellow students. Even thought my teacher didn't mention the name of the student who died at the hands of the group called the brotherhood.

But all the students knew that it was a student Ailey Hart. From what l heard from the other students was that she was a second year at the academy, and she specialized in dark arts. Ursa, Levana and Tarja were the students who spread the rumor of Ailey. They said lies about how she scared her classmates, and tortured their familiars. They spread the rumors because Ailey was part of the disciplinary committee and often caught Ursa's groups' misdeeds. 

When I got to the school I was lost to getting to a class she gave me directions all that time she was smiling and her smile looked genuine. As I saw her walk away it seemed as though she left a lovely sent of flowers. They tarnished her image so it looked like she deserved her death.

She was undeserving of the death she received, I only met her once but that imprint she left on me made me realize that not witches are bad.

The class suddenly becomes more interesting when Katsu knocks on the door. Why is he here? I asked myself. Is he here to get me to get me out of this boring class? 

He talks to my teacher and says "I am here for Akiko Minami Headmistress Kadae would like to speak with her." He handed the teacher a note. The teacher read the note and he nodded and said to the class “Miss Minami you are wanted by the headmistress immediately." l quickly pickup my stuff and leave the classroom. 

Once we leave the classroom l ask him innocently ''Katsu why are you here?" 

Then Kai says “Kiko they found out?" 

What they find out? Leaving the dorms after curfew? Entering Wizard Cave? Those were the only examples that came to mine that I could be guilty of. 

We began to walk to another classroom, we stopped at a door and Katsu told me “Stay here.” He sounded a bit angry. 

He closed the door behind him a minute later he came out the classroom with a familiar face behind him Kuro!

Kai was talking about that incident, the incident at the lake. But it was my fault. Kuro did nothing; she followed me but only to keep me her friend safe. 

I mouth the words 'I am sorry I will make it right' to Kuro. 

She mouths back 'It's also my fault, I went after you.' 

I shake my head 'Only to protect me, it won't be fair if you get punished.'

She smiled a sad smile and responds 'Life isn't always fair.'

"But it should be" I yelled.

“Akiko, calm down." Kai said a smooth voice. 

Crying I said "I have to make it right Kai." 

Kai motioned me to pick him up. I did and he nuzzled me and Kuro hugged me. 

Kai said “And you will Kiko, you will."

At the moment we get to headmistress Kadae office I barge in and say "Kuro is innocent let her go." 

She just blinks and smiles "Kuro aren't you glad you have a friend like that willing to defend you. Unfortunately, Akiko although I would like too you both went it doesn’t matter how honorable Kuro's intentions were." 

I whispered to Kuro as my eyes turn watery" I am so sorry Kuro." 

Kuro says "It's not your fault Akiko I knew the risk going after you." 

"Akiko, so what's our punishment?" I ask the headmistress. 

"What crime Akiko?" I stayed silent "You have to plan the dance, become more of a friend to Nike she's a mew transfer student and is having trouble adjusting and at the end of the dance and I want you to write an essay about the magic about magic." She said nicely.

AN ESSAY!!!"Okay I will do that." I said. It’s not like a have a choice. 

“And for you Kuro you will help Akiko with the dance and with helping Nike adjust but you also have to spend every two hours on Friday with the headmaster until you have completed 24 hours. I think this is enough don’t you?”

“Yes Headmistress” Kuro says with a slight blush.

“Feel free to leave Akiko and Kuro. Have a nice day." she said.

I left but I feel that the headmistress is aware of more of my mischief than the lake. A wave of relief went thought me. 

Both Kai and Katsu asked what my punishment and I told them. They both replied that I got off easy and I agree with them.


The End

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