Nike- Cleaning up potions

I was pleased to hear that my potions level seemed high because of the praise. Kuro’s thumbs up made me smile and feel guilty over how I talked with Kasumi about her. 

The witch next to me spills the cauldron’s contents. 

“Miss Hougi!” The teacher exclaims. “You should really watch your ingredients. Miss Tachibana, can you please help her clean up? What are the cleaning protocols?” 

I try not to glare at Hougi girl and clear my throat. “Only use your wand, do not touch the ingredients with your hands until it is safe to do those. Only leave the cooking area after one has used the magical cleaning solution.” 

“Good, Miss Tachibana, I expect you girls to work fast, I will give you a late slip for your next class after I see everything is clean.” She looks mad at Hougi and walks away.

“Do you happen to remember the spells?” Miss Hougi whispers after pulling out her wand.

I nod and start cleaning it up. Being late to a class because of a thing like this? If I wasn’t new, I wouldn’t be freaking out right now. Not waiting for Miss Hougi, I do the clean up myself while she watches. 

“You’re super fast!” She exclaims.

“Potions is kind of my thing,” I reply and we get the late slips. “What class do you have next?”

“Divination and Runes, you?” She asks back.

We leave the classroom and see our familiars. Hougi’s familiar is a rabbit who jumps over to Hougi and she picks him up. Kasumi stays sitting. 

“Magic in Combat,” I reply.

“Different routes then,” she says. “See you later.”

I watch her leave. A young man walks towards her and they make the rest of the way together. Are everyone dating in this place?

“Why are you late?” Kasumi asks.

“That girl spilled potions, was made to clean up,” I reply. “Let’s go, I don’t want to be late even more.”

“I wish that you two walked together or least they walked you to your class,” Kasumi shakes his head.

“As I said, I am fine alone,” I reply.

I make it down the first hallway when a hall monitor stops me and sends me to the headmistresses office. 

I walk through the door to see Kuro and Akiko standing with their heads down.

“Miss Tachibana, you’re new here and you are already seeing me?” The headmistress says in disapproval. 

“I was stopped only because I was on the way to class,” I tell her.

“Were you alone?” She asks me.

“No,” I reply. “I was with Kasumi.”

Kasumi steps to sit in front of me.

“That counts as alone,” she sighs. “May I ask why you were alone? You need to follow the rules.”

“I don’t have a group,” I whisper. “The other girl met with a boyfriend to go to class, I was left alone.”

“I thought that you would become friends with Kuro. You two are very similar,” the headmistresses looks back and forth between us.

I blush and look down. 

“Kuro, your punishment will be overseen by the headmaster. You may leave with Miss Tachibana. You are in the same class.”

I look up, surprised that one Kuro was in trouble, two was going to be overseen by the headmaster. What did she do?

“The headmaster?” Kuro asks, her voice weirdly sounded loud.

“Yes,” the headmistress says. “Now, go to class while I deal with your friend.”

Our familiars walk out after us and I stare at the closed door. What just happened? I don’t think I got in trouble… but Kuro did. 

The End

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