Bothers & Brothers

"Akiko? Why are you sulking?" Katsu asked. "I am not sulking, Mr.Blackmailer." I reply angrily . 

"Kiko how was class today?" Kai asked. "Its fine, later today I will meet Takeshi for our tutoring session. Do you want to me to say anything to Takeshi for you?" I asked Kai. 

"I can tutor you, you know that right?" Katsu asked me. " I know." " Akiko, if you need help in any of your classes ask me not Takeshi." "You're beginning to sound jelous Katsu and it doesn't suit you," said a very familiar voice the one I call brother Yuki. 

I smiled at Yuki and said " Still as annoying and bothersome as ever Yuki." "Back at you half" he said with hatred. Jokes on you Brother, I thought. Normally when people refer to me as a half, halfblood, halfie, it doesn't hurt or even phase me. But he's my brother even if he doesn't know it, and he's trying to make me feel ashamed of who I am. 

Katsu asks " You're a half?" Half witch half what?"

" Half human," Yuki said "the worst species of all. Human."

My anger took hold of me and I punched Yuki. 

"My father is the greatest human, worth more than your own life." I yelled at him my voice craking, I turn around knowing I am on the verge of tears.

"Ouch, that rodent bit me." Yuki says.

An angry voice, Katsu said " Has she ever done anything to you," "no, then I suggest you leave or else whatever I throw at you will hurt alot more than the punch."

I turn around to ask him "Why are you being nice to me? I normally treaty you like a nuisance?" 

He laughs it sounds beautiful like the man himself, wait what am I thinking. " I guess some boyfriends can be considered nuisances. Especially blackmailer boyfriends. "

I smile at that comment. "Aren't you going to ask me to break up because I am a half?" 

He sits down on one of the benches in the courtyard. "Come here" an motions towards the emptyseat beside him. 

I sit down and he puts his arm around my shoulder.  

"There is no such thing as a half witch because a witch is a woman who can perform spells. I am sure that there is no spell you can't do? The human is your father not you. You are a witch."

I smile at his lovely comments. And kiss him on the cheek.

"So, tell me more about the best human." He asks. 

I stay there both of us chatting away until its time for my next class where he drops me off.



My brother ask me " Why do you have a bruise Yuki? Who's boyfriend punched you this time?"

I didn't say anything.  

" How was your tutoring session with Akiko? Kai is really cute isn't he." Takeshi asks.

"Akiko punched me." I said to my brother. 

Takeshi turns angry "What did you do Yuki?" 

"Why do you assume that I started it." 

He folds his arms and says " I know her and I know you, and you start things, she only starts things if I don't let her have her candy and when she starts things she is not violent unlike you." 

He takes a deep breath and says "Are you saying she started it? You know I know when you are lying."

"I started it but I don't know why the academy suddenly became generous and allowed trash like her in here." I said angrily.

Something hit the back of my head. "Idiot! Go amd apologize."

"Why should I go and apologize to the likes of her." I ask my brother. 

"Because I think she's important." he says.

"Important? What is that supposed to mean?" What is my brother thinking?

"You are blind Yuki." He says. 

"Last time I checked I had 20/20 vision, brother." I told him.

" When we first met her mom reacted wierd to her presence... but only for a second" Takeshi said, his words really threw , me off. 

Because normally when my mom meets someone she makes everyone in the room feel inferior to her. 

"Takeshi then who is she?" I ask him. 

"Honestly I don't know, I have been tutoring her to find out more but nothing. " Takeshi said. 

"I thought you liked her." I told him. 

"No more like a good friend, she is a good witch. SO APOLOGIZE, NOW." Takeshi said.

"Okay" I said as I left the room.

Who are you Akiko Minami?"

The End

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