Nike- An argument with Kasumi

The moment the third class ended, Kasumi and I ran. We ran past the students. Some students heard more about the recent murder, some cried over the lost soul. The word 'blood' sent shivers down my spine.

Kasumi tried stopping me, yelled at me to listen to him, telepathically and out loud, but I couldn't stop. The blood of the girl I murdered came to haunt me in my mind after the first teacher broke the news.

My hands pushed the doors into the library. I breathe deeply before eyeing each isle of books. I shake my head at the librarian for help and pull my hair into a ponytail. I find the books on potions and battle. Those topics could always calm my mind.

In my room, I scan the pages of the books, The knowledge seeps into my mind. It takes an hour to read one book, before continuing, I take a break of dance. I play my favorite songs and just move swiftly to each note while Kasumi keeps trying to talk to me.

"Are you just going to ignore the librarian?" Kasumi asks.

I ignore him. Out of the corner of my eye, I see his paw pressing stop and a silence follows.

"You stopped the music," I state a fact.

"You weren't listening to me," Kasumi growls. "The teachers and the librarian are right, you cannot be walking around the academy by yourself."

"I did not walk around the academy alone, I was with you," I respond.

"You ran, it's a wonder you didn't get in trouble," Kasumi says. "I don't have powers, remember."

 The hall monitor has better things to do right now," I reply. "You're right, you're my guide and that means that I have a choice to listen to you or ignore you."

 Kasumi sighs and hits the floor with his white tail. "Slithering snakes, Nike! I care about you and I want you to follow the rules."

"When we lived with mother, you would always allow me to break the rules. You would allow me to climb out of the window at night and we would watch the stars together. This is no different, besides I am in my room before curfew," I say, exasperated.

 "Back then, the brotherhood weren't killing off young witches," Kasumi says.

"Speaking of the brotherhood, what do you know about them?" I ask.

"What you learned in your classes," Kasumi sighs again. "You can't be careless anymore. We cannot climb outside our window tonight like we did last night. Things changed."

"Then you may as well imprison me in this room! I don't have any friends! I don't have a group to be a part of!" I raise my voice and feel hot tears slide down my cheeks.

"Kuro and Dai," Kasumi yells back. "They are nice and they said they would be your friends."

I tear the flower from my hair and drop it to the ground. "You know as well as I that Kuro was being polite. I used my magic against her! I broke the rules! Since it was my first day, she just decided to be the better witch. Her friends, I don't even want to start! I don't understand their conversation about dances. I don't know the point of Homecoming, I've never gone to one. The only thing I know is that it is some type of a dance get together.  That guy who took the panda, I don't get him either! Honestly, I tried being part of their group, even if only for a moment, but that's all it was, only that moment!"

My emotions get the better of me and I fall to the ground. Kasumi  is instantly in my lap.

"Oh, goddess! What about my mother? She is alone in our house.  The dead girl was alone, too. What if age doesn't matter to the brotherhood?" I ask through my tears.

"Your mother can take care of herself," Kasumi says. "You need to get your emotions steady. I have never seen you go crazy like this."

"You weren't there when I killed that girl," I whisper.

"You're right, but that was an accident. No matter your feelings about it. I know you were happy when she was gone from your life, I know you became miserable when father didn't forgive you. No matter what happened in the past, what's happening now, and what will happen, I will be by your side. I love you, my Nike." Kasumi licks my cheek.

I laugh. "I love you, too Kasumi."

"I still think that Kuro has a big heart. I don't know about the other girls, I've had a less of a time observing them but Kuro is nice," Kasumi says. "Talk to her. You may have actual real friends now, just learn to accept your new identity." 

The End

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